My Background

Extraordinary Pie Gal is owned by Morgan Dodd and was established in December of 2019.  Morgan has always been passionate about cooking and enjoys baking. She's an advocate of healthy eating habits, especially within the black community. African Americans are at the highest risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. Most of our pies and cakes contain little sugar, we rely on the natural flavors of fresh fruits. Morgan grew up in Lawrenceville, GA., and has always enjoyed "Sara Lee" pies.  On Sundays, after church her father William Dodd would stop by the local grocery for a pie, but Morgan never saw a Black-owned pie company in the local grocery store.  So it inspired her to create her own business, she hopes to one day sell her pies in the local grocery store. We hope you enjoy our desserts! And remember "Your not ORDINARY  Your EXTRAORDINARY"!